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Petar Todosic
Written by Petar Todosic

Connecting your Ad accounts to Hunch

Ad Channel Authorization 

Before setting up the user logins, you need to authorize the platform to access your existing accounts from Facebook and Google Ads. This step is required as the platform will be creating the campaigns and communicating directly with Facebook. 

After receiving the initial invitation email and clicking the link in it to setup your account, you will need to fill in your details, and proceed to enter the platform. 

The first screen you will see is the Ad Channel Authorization wizard where you should click the Connect button on both tiles. Facebook is mandatory, while Google Ads is optional:

Clicking the Facebook Ads Connect button on the left will forward you to your Facebook account to confirm the connection. 

You should click OK to confirm the authorization from Facebook to Hunch.

After this you will be redirected back to the Hunch platform where you should click the Google Ads tile. Connecting the Google account is optional. 

Please select your business Google account to proceed here. 

You should click Allow, which enables you to analyze the data in your Hunch platform instance. 

Analytics and Reporting Authorization 

After the Facebook and Google Ads authorization, the wizard will direct you to connecting your Google Analytics and Slack. 

Click the Connect button on the Slack tile, and you will be directed to input your slack credentials and authorize Hunch access to slack: 

Tip: If at any time you acquire more Ad Accounts on Facebook, you may perform a simple sync in the platform:

Give it a minute or so and the new accounts should be readily available in Hunch.