Google Analytics is an important tool that analyzes the visitors on your website and thus gives you insights into what your next ad campaigns should entail.

By connecting Hunch to your Google Analytics you are promoting more effective ad campaigns and maximizing your ROI. Once you have connected your Google Analytics account, you will then have the ability to see both Facebook and Google Analytics results side by side in Hunch. You will also be able to create Facebook rules and alerts with Google Analytics metrics

Click on your name in the top right corner and select “Accounts”.

Select “Connect Account” in the middle of the page.

Enter the “Accounts” page and select “Connect Account”.


Now on this screen you will see a reminder to log into the correct Google Analytics account. You’ve already done that so just select continue.

The next page is asking you to give Hunch access to your Google account. Select the Google account that you would like to give Hunch access to. Then select “Allow” to grant Hunch permission to access your Google Analytics data. 



Next manually give Hunch permission to connect to the Google Analytics account by sliding this button.

You will then be taken back to the “Accounts” page where you should now see the Google Analytics Account listed under your connected accounts.

Watch this video.

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