Manage everything in groups.

Groups are containers that allow you to keep brand kit, catalogs, DPA templates and default values separate and accessible for fast campaign creation.

Click on your account and click on Groups.

OR click on “Default” and select Create Group.

Name your group.
Connect your Facebook and Google Ads accounts to this group.

Here you can see which groups are connected to your ad accounts.

On the left side there are other areas that you can set for your group.


 Select Library to connect product catalogs and Facebook pages to your group.

Here is how you can:

Google Analytics

Add a Google Analytics account so that you can follow data related to your Facebook campaigns and rules.

You can also set a default UTM parameters convention for campaigns launched through this group.

Use placeholders as a “{{Campaign Name}}” which will be populated with real values once you start launching your campaigns with Hunch.

Default Values

Details entered here are automatically generated in the ad sets and ads when you go to create your first campaign:

  • Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Catalog, Pixel, Locations, Website URL
  • Name Patterns
  • You can include the campaign objective, current month and current year to be how each of your campaigns are named
  • Ad sets - AS (campaign name)
  • Ad - (

Brand Kit

Produce templates with static designs in Hunch Studio that fit your brand. 

Group templates are designed to speed-up your campaign creative process where you can upload and edit cards to your DPA ads.

Choose a format to fit your placement. ie landscape for single ads. 

In the Hunch Studio you can select the image icon to upload an image to the template.

You can click on the Text button to add text and test the colors and format in the right side of the screen.

Not sure what to do here? This is how we created our brand kit.

You can now select these templates later when adding a card to your DPA carousel ads. 

See how to do this here.

What's next?

Enter Hunch Studio template editor where you can create great looking product images for your dynamic ads.

Later we can talk DPA campaign creation.

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