Slack can be a very helpful tool to receive updates on your reports, alerts and rules.

Slack channels are group streams that you can set up for each client or topic of your choosing. You can invite members to join channels and lead structured conversations within them.

By inviting the Hunch bot to your channels you can send these notifications to your team by simply asking Hunch to do so.

To invite Hunch bot to various channels select your name in the top right corner then select “Accounts”.

Then on the left side of the page select “Slack Integration”.

You will then be redirected to a page that will ask you to confirm your identity and give you authorization to use Slack.

Now in a separate window, open Slack and select a channel that you would like to join or create a new channel.

Once in the channel, in the message box type @hunch then press enter.

You will then receive a notification that Hunch has been successfully added to your channel OR you will be prompted to invite Hunch bot to this channel.


You can now receive alerts from Hunch in this channel when you choose Slack as your method of notification in Hunch.

You can also write to Hunch bot and request a report regarding your ad campaigns. This is the manual way of receiving reports.

Next type @hunch report in a message within the channel.

Hunch will send you details of your active reports.


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