Click on the Group that you would like to make a campaign within.

Then click on “Manage” at the top of the screen. Next, select “Create Campaign”.

A window will pop up prompting you to select a campaign objective.

You will see that your Facebook account is already linked based on the preferences you set when creating the GROUP you are using.

On the next page you will see your objective and some information that was generated based on your group information. For example you can change the name of the campaign. When you click on it you will see macros that you can use to create different name for your campaign. 

See how you can play with naming conventions here


You can see the objective for this campaign is “Lead Generation”.

Once you have filled out the information on this page you can move on to the next page to create your , “Ad Sets”.

Once you have filled out the information on this page you can continue to the “Ad” section.

On this page you can select which ad sets you would like to create ads for.

You have the option to select the format you would like for your ad: “single” or “carousel”.

You can then create your ad that will then appear in the preview section.

You can create your ads by either uploading an image from your computer, Hunch or Facebook library or generating a creative in the Hunch Studio.

After entering the details of your ad, select “Send to Facebook” at the top of the screen in order to complete your campaign.

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