An easy way to keep track of your performance is by sending KPI reports and alerts for your campaigns, ad sets and ads to your team in Slack or by email. With Hunch you can easily set up scheduled updates on key metrics. You can choose to have these reports delivered daily, weekly or on a custom schedule covering metrics over a select period of time. You never have to miss critical data again.

You can set up reports by selecting “Reports” in the top menu in Hunch. 

Then select “New Report”.

Next give your report a name.

Then setup when and how you and your team will receive reports. 

Next, select the ad account that you would like to receive reports from. 

Choose the level for your metrics; account, campaign, adset or ad levels.

Select the time period that you would like for the report to cover.

Save your report settings. 

It will now appear under the “Reports” tab.

Watch this video.

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