Welcome to Hunch! This is the screen you will see each time you log in.

And this is what it will look after you have set up your ad accounts, generated your creatives, launched a campaign and configured your automation tools.

Main Menu

When you click your profile a break down menu will appear.

  • Profile- Change your profile information
  • Groups- Group together your accounts by objective, clients, theme, etc.
  • Accounts- Connect Facebook Ads, Google Analytics or Google Ads 
  • Team Members- Invite your team members to the Hunch Platform
  • Catalogs- Connect your catalogs and create templates with Hunch Studio
  • Pages- Manage your social media pages

Speeding up the campaign process

You can create containers called GROUPS where you can fill out the following information so that each time you launch a campaign using a GROUP these details are automatically generated. 

  • Set Google Analytics parameters, 
  • Link Facebook and Instagram pages;
  • Select a product catalog 
  • Select a pixel
  • Set locations
  • Select website URL
  • Set Campaign, Ad set and Ad naming patterns

You can also create ad templates for each GROUP by entering the Hunch Studio through the BRAND KIT. 

Creating a Campaign

Build your creatives from scratch or upload them within the Hunch Studio. 

Create and launch a campaign from the Hunch platform. 

Once you have set your campaign objective, you can start creating your ad sets and ads. 

Launch your campaign.


Set up rules, alerts and reports so that you can automate your campaign's performance and receive notifications as and when needed.

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