How to save time launching a campaign

One way to save time when launching a campaign, and keep your client information tidy is by creating GROUPS. You can group together your accounts by objective, clients, theme, etc. 

Once you have named your group you can enter information under each tab so that each time you launch a campaign for a GROUP, these details are automatically generated within your campaign. You can of course edit them whilst creating your campaign, but it's nice to have some details that you know won't change already filled in. 🚀 

This is a good shortcut particularly for agencies that want to generate UTM parameters, target location and other tedious criteria for each client campaign launched through Hunch. 

You can use macros so that UTMs and naming patterns are automatically generated for individual campaigns, ad sets and ads created within a GROUP.  

You can also create ad templates for each GROUP by entering the Hunch Studio through the BRAND KIT. When you create ads within your campaign, these templates can be uploaded and will appear here. You can make final edits before sending your ad to Facebook. 

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