You've found a set of rules and alerts that work really nicely.
So nicely that you want to use them for another group.
You can do that (without painstakingly setting each one up) by cloning the strategy and selecting the group you want to send the copy to.

It's easy. I'll show you.

Select the group and strategy within that you would like to clone.
Then select clone.

Next, select the group that you would like to send the cloned strategy to.

Now go to that group.

You'll see that the copied strategy  is in draft mode.
This is because you need to connect an ad account to each rule.

To change this, select each rule and connect an ad account.

Once you've saved your changes you will see that the rule is now out of draft mode and ready for you to turn on and start using.

See how we've done it. Watch the video.

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