Link checker is a rule or alert you can set up in Hunch.
They're designed to check on your ad links so that you don't have to.

Link checker will be triggered when:

  • Page is inaccessible (i.e. your website is down)
  • Page doesn't exist (error 404)
  • Server throws errors (error 500)
  • Page takes too long to load

In general, link checker will be triggered by all error codes starting from 400 and above.

To create a link checker rule or alert go to the Automate tab.
Make sure you are in the Group that you would like to create the rule/alert for.

Select Add New
Then select rule or alert.

Link Checker as an Alert

Select the ad account that you would like to connect.
Link checker can only be applied at the ad level. 

You can set conditions that have to do with either the link's status or response time.

If you select status, then you can pick accessible or inaccessible.
If you select response time, then you can set parameters in which you would like for a condition to be triggered.

Response time refers to the length of time it takes for anything to appear in the browser after clicking. If your page takes too long to respond, it can negatively affect your ad spend.

For example, if your ad link is inaccessible, you will receive an alert via slack.

Hunch will check your ad link's accessibility every 30 minutes.  

Link Checker as a Rule

This can be set up in the exact same way as an alert.
After you've set your conditions, you will be asked to set an action.

You can either pause or unpause the ads you applied the rule to.

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