Once you have prepared your creatives, you can launch ads through Hunch and automate ad rotations that show x amount of ads at any given time. 

This is useful for offsetting ad fatigue as you can set different conditions that will signal to Facebook to show particular ads on a schedule and rotate the ones that are struggling for ones that will perform better. 

Put simply, you choose what ads are shown under the conditions that you’ve set. 

First, select Automate at the top of your screen.

Then select Add rule.

Then select rotation.

Once you’ve selected your ad account, you can choose the level on which the rule will be applied. If you select Campaigns, AdSets or Ads you will then have further options to choose from.

Define how many ads you would like to be active at any given time.

Next, specify whether you would like the ads to repeat the sequence once all ads have been shown or whether to pause the ads in your campaign entirely. 

If you want to disrupt the rotation ASAP, you can add conditions. 

For example, pause the rotation if your CPC reaches over 2.00.

Otherwise, your rotation will pass normally through the conditions that you set here.

Set up how you would like to receive alerts and name your rotation.

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