The automation log allows you to view rules and alerts that were triggered during a campaign.

Select automate at the top of the page. 

You will see all rules and alerts created for that particular group.

Select the logs icon next to a rule or alert to view its activity.

Under the Conditions column, you can see whether the conditions triggered an action or not. 

For example, the condition for the first ad set was not met and therefore did not trigger the action, increase budget by 10%, and appears in red. The same condition was met for the rest of the ad sets and triggered the budget to increase by 10%. These appear in green. 

You can also see the old and new values.  

The Second way to monitor the activity of your rules and alerts is through the view entities activity log button at the top of the automation page.

You can search for all results of rules that acted in a campaign by entering the Entity ID or Entity Name.

View the activity log of that rule or alert. 

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