Creating videos that are designed to grab attention and scale ad spend is possible without leaving the Hunch platform. 

Advertisers are able to create templates that are up to 60 seconds long and rendered in landscape, square, vertical and story formats. 

Let’s get started.

Click on your profile and select Groups.

Then select the group that you would like to create video templates for.

This group is called Default. 

Select Brand Kit.

Click on Video to start creating templates for video ads. 

Select the template format.

Once in the Hunch Video Editor, begin adding layers using the tools on the left.

Name your template and save your changes periodically.

Start adding static text, images, stickers, shapes and videos to your video template.

When you add a layer, you can configure its properties. 

Control the size, orientation, and color of each layer.

Select Animations to bring your layers to life.

Select an animation from the drop-down list.

All variables listed can be edited.

Select Add to add more animations to the same layer.








Create your own animations by configuring the settings.


easeIn- layer eases into the template.
- the layer eases out of the template towards the end of its duration.
- the layer eases into visibility and then slows down towards the end of its duration.

On the right column, you have the capability to increase the speed of your animation, add a bounce, elastic, expo or shine effect to your layer. 

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