Calculated metrics

GA Revenue / Spend is a calculated metric which shows your return on ad spend based on the Revenue metric from Google Analytics. Spend is calculated as sum of spends both on Google Ads and Facebook. This kind of metric based on data from three independent data sources is only available in Hunch and can be used for more precise Rules, Alerts and Reports. 

This is very useful when revenue is obtained from many sources, in this case, Google Ads and Facebook. With calculated metrics, you can keep track of spend from multiple sources, on one platform. What we also noticed is that sometimes Revenue reported by Facebook slightly/greatly differs from the Revenue reported by Google Analytics.

Hunch supports calculating metrics from any supported data source (Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics).

The Goal

Notify when revenue reported by Google Analytics divided by Facebook and Google Ads spend is less than 1.3.

In order for this rule to work properly, you need to have connected Google Analytics to the group that you are creating this alert for.

Hunch Solution

Achieve a more accurate calculation of ROAS by applying this rule.


  1. Rule/Alert applies to: Facebook account (account)
  2. Conditions: GA Revenue / FB Spend in Last 7 Days < 1.3 -> Campaigns do not perform as well as expected. Example: If $1000 invested in ads, and Revenue is less than $1300, Hunch will notify you on Slack.
  3. Action: Notify on Slack and Email
  4. Execution Frequency: Once a Day
  5. Check Frequency: Every day
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