Rules that execute once a day

This rule will check every hour if there are Ad Sets that need to be cloned. Notice that Execution Frequency is Once a Day. It means that this rule will be executed only once per day even with the frequency “Every hour”. Otherwise, this rule would potentially clone the same Ad Sets many times. “Once a Day” is also useful for increasing or decreasing budgets, increasing or decreasing bids, pausing, unpausing, etc.

The Goal

Clone Ad Sets that are “stale” once per day to avoid having many clones.

Hunch Solution

This rule will identify Ad Sets that are going stale and should be cloned.


  1. Rule applies to: All Delivering Ad Sets
  2. Conditions:

-Spend Last 7 Days > $200 -> Means Ad Set was working normally

-Spend Yesterday < $20 -> Means it stopped spending (became “stale”)

-ROAS Lifetime > 1.3 -> Means Ad Set was performing well (we only want to clone Ad Sets that have good ROAS)
-Time > 8AM -> We want cloning to happen just before we come to work

    3. Action: Pause and Clone
    4. Execution Frequency: Once a Day
    5. Check Frequency: Every hour

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