Promoting your best content automatically is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve growth after you’ve identified your winning strategy.

First, go to the group's library. Select Automated on the left.

Enter the relevant catalog or create a new one.

Select Item Filters on the left side.

Create a filter so that Hunch knows which posts to boost under your custom conditions.

Name the filter. The conditions available are populated from the fields in your product catalog feed.

All Match or Any Match- You can create mutually exclusive or inclusive conditions for your filters.

The limit refers to the amount of filtered posts that will be boosted.

Direction lets Hunch know from where it should start pulling posts for boosting.
For example, if your filter is sorted by country, by selecting ascending, the country names from A-Z. By selecting descending, country names are selected from Z-A.

Next, create a campaign for auto boosting.

Choose the post engagement objective and select automated campaign.

The name of the campaign is automatically generated through the data in your feed and the settings you made for when creating your group

Make sure you select the correct Page ID for the Page that you wish to boost.

Select your Catalog Filter.

Feed Category- This is how Hunch will split your ad sets. ie by country, id, etc.  

Be mindful that the budget is set per post.

Complete campaign creation and launch!




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