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Petar Todosic
Written by Petar Todosic

How to Connect your Catalog to Hunch

Select Library at the top of your screen. Select whether you would like to create a DPA or an Automated catalog on the left-hand side. Click Create.

 Next, enter the details requested on the following page. 

For DPA Catalogs:

Data source url is your product Feed.

Hunch supports several types of data sources such as xml, csv and tsv. 

By selecting Feed Credentials you are entering the username and password for data sources that have authentication enabled.

By setting a Frequency and Time you are scheduling when Hunch will fetch data from the Data source url. 

For Automated Catalogs:

Catalog Name should follow a naming convention. This will make it easier to manage multiple Catalogs and easily identifiable. 

Data source url is where you will paste in your feed link.

You can select any Facebook Ad Account you have access to and a Google Analytics Profile.

Frequency and Time enables you to schedule when Hunch will fetch data from your Data source url.

The catalog that you created is now attached to a specific group that appears at the top left of your screen.

Note: When you hit the Save button, do allow a few minutes for the catalog to initially sync with the platform. You will see a progress bar denoting the catalog synchronization status on the bottom of the screen: