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Petar Todosic
Written by Petar Todosic

How to Synchronize your feed in Hunch

You can synchronize your feed both automatically and manually

Your product feed will typically be updated on a regular basis. You can set your feed to automatically synchronize, but you can also trigger the Sync manually if needed.

Navigate to the Library section and click the feed you wish to synchronize:

A new window will open and you will see the Fetch now button at the bottom.

When clicked, you will see a graphical progress bar that will show at which stage the Sync is now.

During the Rendering phase, you will see the percentage indicator that shows the progress.

When finished, you will get the Start and End times as well as the number of items uploaded. Show more item on the lower right-hand side of the screen will give you a list of recent synchronizations triggered. 

Should the sync process encounter any errors you will be able to hover your mouse over the red X and get a description of what the error is. 

It is recommended to grab a screenshot of this error should you need any assistance from the Hunch team in resolving the issue.