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Petar Todosic
Written by Petar Todosic

Hunch Editable Custom Product Sets

With our new improvement, you can edit your product sets without the need for creating new ones or duplicating old ones to amend them.

Creating an Editable Custom Product Set

Navigate to the Library section and open up your Product Sets:

When you click Create Product Set you will be presented with two options:

  • Standard
  • Allows you to create a non-editable Product Set just as you did while previously working in the Hunch platform
  • Custom
  • Allows for an editable Product Set to be created, which you can amend while you are using it in a campaign, adding or removing products by IDs

Clicking on the Custom menu item you will be presented with a window where you can input the Name of your new Product Set and the Product IDs:

You can copy/paste your IDs straight from a Product Feed table or any other you have.

Clicking Save will create your new Product Set and you will see a notification next to it that a feed sync is needed:

Updating and removing products

After the Sync is finished, you will be able to add more products by pasting in additional Product IDs or remove any you don’t need.

Navigate back to your Product Sets and click on the one you wish to amend and click Edit:

A window will pop up allowing you to input IDs for the Products you wish to add or remove. You can also Search for them one by one. 

When finished, click Save and you will receive a notification that you need to Sync your feed to have the product list in the Product Set updated.

If you need a more solution with more customization, take a look at our Hunch Customizable Feed Extender that is implemented directly in Google Sheets.