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Automated Post-Boosting

Promoting your best content automatically is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve growth after you’ve identified your winning strategy.


Here is a quick and easy guide on how you can set a couple of rules and forget about boosting your post manually!

From the Manage section, within Campaigns, select the Create Campaign button.


A new window will open where you'll need to select Automated Campaign. You will have to  select one of the two types of post boosting:

  • Reach POST BOOSTING; or
  • Post Engagement POST BOOSTING


The main setting on the campaign level will offer you the ability to choose Campaign Budget Optimization, which you can set for a Daily Budget, or Lifetime Budget.

Daily Budget setting will spread out the total amount among all of the posts that have triggered the filter and will get boosted.

Lifetime Budget will set the budget amount for the whole duration of the campaign.


When you finish setting the Campaign level, click Continue with AdSets.

If you’ve entered the predefined values while creating the Account, the Name of the campaign will contain a value already. 

It is quite helpful to have your AdSets named automatically by pulling a piece of info from the post. You can add an item to the name by typing a hash sign (#) and selecting the tag Category Feed Value which will insert the appropriate text according to the type of budgeting you intend to set.

You should use the Category Feed Value for the AdSet name here as it will create a nomenclature according to the Budgeting option you choose later on.

  • It will insert a shortened version of your post's title - title_short - if you choose a Budget by Post option. This will help you distinguish between multiple posts that got boosted in one day.
  • It will insert the Date Created as the Category Feed Value, meaning that AdSet will have a demarcation of the day posts in it got boosted.

By default, the Catalog filter will be set to auto boost All New Posts. Any post that meets the criteria will automatically be boosted.


To create a new filter, click the plus button:


You will be presented with the following options:


It’s a good practice to name your filters according to the settings you select.

This example shows boosting all posts that have any of the following conditions met:

  • Hashtag #boost-me is contained in the text
  • Post has reached 64 reactions
  • It has 32 Likes
  • If the post is eligible for Instagram (include the word eligible with the starts with clause)
  • It was created on 5th of February or later (date format is YYYY-MM-DD)


If you have not selected CBO on the campaign level, you will be able to set the Budget now and within it the number of days you'd like your posts to be boosted for, when the process gets triggered.

You can select the budget optimization to be done in one of the two ways:

  • Budget per Post
  • Budget per Day

Budget per Post setting allows you to set a specific limit for each of the posts that get boosted.

Budget per Day sets the limit for all of the posts that triggered the Auto Boosting mechanism on that day.


You are all set! 

After setting your audience in the Targeting section, you can click the Send to Facebook button and get back to more creative tasks!