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Brand Kit

Keep your ads on-brand. Use assets to define your Brand Kit (Account Kit), or create your own customized ad templates.

Stay on-brand and prepare your creative tools upfront. Hunch helps you to incorporate the look and feel of your brand. Go through these clear-cut options to define the visual style of your campaigns. Take your time to find the best Color and Fonts to spread the word about your products and your brand. Please navigate to Library>>>Brand Kit


You can choose predefined Fonts or upload a completely new font. You can set up your default font easily and quickly. The font will later be used when you wish to insert text during your creative process. 

Important note: any fonts you change or set as 'default' can be changed again at any time. 


Upload and insert your company logo and utilize it later throughout your campaigns.  

Default values

Default campaign settings can also be assigned through your account settings

Make Hunch Even Smarter - Use Our Templates 

All these options will help you customize all assets around your brand story. However, if you wish, you can let Hunch templates do all the work - we create a special feel to suit your brand, by adding the appropriate fonts and colors.