Item Filters

Step by step guide on creating Item Filters for Automated Ads catalogs


Similar to DPA catalogs and Product Sets, Automated Ads catalogs also have an option of creating a "filter" that allows you to seamlessly determine and select specific products or groups of products from your catalog feed. In this article we are going to go through the process of creating an Item Filter.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Library section of the UI, select "Automated" and the Catalog that you are going to be using. 

Step 2:

Once you've opened the desired catalog, navigate to the Item Filters subsection on the left hand side, click "Create Filter" and fill out the necessary information as seen in the example below and click "Save".

Please note that the set up shown in the screenshot is only an example of the capabilities you have when creating an Item Filter. Going into more details, each of the fields that are available in the mentioned creation window offer a lot of flexibility and variants as to how you can sort and group the data contained in your Automated Ads Catalog. That said, please find below a short summary of what each field does (and can do).


This filter works much like the "Conditions" filter in a Product Set within a DPA catalog, you would use it to pin point a specific set of products that you want to advertise.

Sort by:

This filter is mainly used for Automated Ads Catalogs that contain Pixel and/or Google Analytics data, you can use this filter to sort products by Product Revenue, number of Purchases, number of Add To Carts etc.

Group by:

Lastly, the Group by filter is optional and is mainly used to send a signal to the platform to later on create as many Ads as needed based on the value that you want the products to be grouped by.