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Multi Artboard Templates for Multiple Sizes
Multi Artboard Templates for Multiple Sizes

Hunch Multi Artboard Templates allow for simultaneous creation and management of multiple image sizes of a single template.

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Multi artboard template can be used in your standard image creation process. Once you open your template, you will find the Sizes icon in the features panel on the far right.

Your current format will be listed, with an option to add additional (predefined or custom) sizes from the dropdown.

You will be asked to open the new size as Blank, Copy & Fit and Copy & Rearrange

  • Blank - creates a blank canvas

  • Copy & Fit - Copies the layout to the new size without rearranging the elements (suitable for complex designs)

  • Copy & Rearrange - Positions the elements to fit the new design (suitable for simple designs with small number of layers)

Once additional sizes have been added, a filmstrip will appear under your canvas, with previews of all selected sizes.

Propagation toggle allows you to make changes to all sizes by adjusting the master size, helping you make minor adjustments to all your visuals at the same time. Each change made on the master will be done the most approximate way on all other formats. You can also select which template will be the master.

To adjust the master, without disrupting individual sizes, simply toggle off propagation, and make the necessary changes.

In case that you want to make a change on a specific size, you can select it in the filmstrip. That way whatever change you make will be applied only to that size.

Note: Propagation will work best with small changes. So, if you need to add elements like price, percentage off, badges, labels, or similar, this is the way to go.

For increased visibility, filmstrip can be hidden, by clicking on the arrow below the canvas.

Once your template has been saved, the thumbnail in the Template gallery will show a multi-size icon, where you can easily preview all different versions.

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