Team Member Access

Team members with access to your Hunch account can have different roles and permissions set up.

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Hunch account settings allow certain user permissions to be set at different levels. Individual team members can either be granted different levels of access to selected entities, or platform-wide admin permissions to manage all accounts within the app.

The list of all added users can be found in the Team Members section, in Account Settings, where you can add new, edit roles and permissions on the existing, or remove users that no longer need access to your Hunch account.

Team Members can have Admin or User roles!


  • has platform-wide access to all entities

  • can manage all other team members’ roles and permissions, add new and remove existing team members.


  • has limited access, with permissions to access and manage selected Hunch accounts only.

To invite new team members:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to the team Members tab

  3. Click on the Invite

    1. Select the Role (Admin or User)

    2. For Users, select the Account(s) they will be given permissions to

  4. Save

To change roles and permissions for existing users click on the pencil icon, and select the role and permissions to edit.

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