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How to Export, Review and Download your Creatives
How to Export, Review and Download your Creatives

Dynamic Image and Video can be exported from your Automated catalog, individually or in bulk, for review and local download.

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If the Image or Video template from your Automated Catalog needs to be downloaded, it can be done by clicking on the Download icon.

This option is suitable for downloading smaller number of individual visuals, by switching between the products, then clicking download. Your visuals will be downloaded instantly to your local computer, one at a time.

Alternatively, to review and download multiple visuals at once, Export option is recommended. To Export your creatives in bulk, follow the steps below:

1 . Filter the products you want to export, if needed. All items will be selected by default.

2. Click on the Export icon

3. Name your file, then click Export. This is how you will differentiate your template groups (folders) in the Library.

4. Once the files have been added to the export queue, you can see the export details, or start another export.

Exported Creatives are stored in your Library, under Exports

Exports section keeps all visuals exported from the Automated Ads Catalogs. Creatives can be exported to the Library in bulk, where you can select and download locally.

Click on the thumbnail to review and download individual creatives within the exported template, then select those you would like to download.

Select the preferred naming convention, and download.

You should use dynamic naming, by typing the “#” and selecting one of the options from the dropdown. To make sure all creatives are downloaded with a unique name, it is best to include #id, in addition to the #name and/or static text.

Note: Do not use static text when downloading multiple creatives, as only one file with that name will be downloaded.

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