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If you want to preview how your dynamic template rendered images, click on three dots next to your DPA template and then on the preview button.

This action will open a new screen showing you all the rendered images based on your template.

From here, you can flag any image that needs editing separately. That can be done by clicking the Exclamation mark icon in the bottom right corner of the image.

If there are too many items to review, you can filter them by the sets you created or by manually adding new filters.

Once you select the images you want to review, you see only the images you wish to review only them by clicking the button Review in the top right corner.

If you want to edit only the flagged images, click on the three dots next to the DPA template and choose Open Reviewed. It will open the Studio, only showing flagged images.

Once all the edits have been made, you can Save the template and again open Preview mode to check all the images and flag or de-flag them.

If you want to send the images to someone not a part of your team or doesn't use Hunch, you can create a View Only link for them by clicking the Create Link button in the top right corner in Preview mode. This link will lead them to a new page where they can see all the images or the flagged images. They can not flag or de-flag any image.

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