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Video Studio - Static Templates
Video Studio - Static Templates
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If you want to start creating Video templates for your Ads, you can do so by going to Library and moving to the Video tab.

You can create a new Video template from here by clicking the +Create button.

You can pick a size to create a template on the pop-up window.

If the suggested sizes don't work, you can create a custom size on the right option.

Compared to the image studio, the studio has an additional bar which is a timeline bar.

The timeline bar will act as a layer window in image studio, but also, on it, you can move any element across the timeline.

Two more options you can add to the canvas are Video and Sounds. Studio is connected to Pixbay and Pexel so that you can get stock videos.

If you want to add animation to any object on the canvas, click on the Animation tab.

From there, you can add animation to all Layers except to sound layers.

Animation is categorised into Animate IN, Animate BETWEEN and Animate OUT.

Animate IN will always be put at the beginning of the duration of the layer.

Animate BETWEEN will always occupy all the time between the other animations or keyframes.

Animate OUT will always be put at the end of the duration of the layer.

For these animations, you can change the type, duration and strength.

If you want more control over how element is animated, you can do so by unlocking the frame by clicking on the Lock next to them at the timeline. From that point on, you can add keyframes by right-clicking on somewhere on the duration and choosing to add a keyframe.

Once you add a keyframe, you can change the layer's properties from the properties tab and make an animation that will do the transformations over time.

When you feel satisfied with your template, you can name it and save it!

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