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Snapchat DPA Catalogs

Power up your Snapchat DPA Catalogs through Hunch and use them to build customized creatives

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Creating a DPA Catalog

In order to build a Snapchat DPA Catalog, go to the Catalogs section and inside the DPA tab click on the Create Catalog button with Snapchat logo.

The flow for creating Snapchat DPA is exactly the same as the one that you used to follow for Meta DPA catalogs:

  1. Enter a source URL to your feed.

  2. Enter the basic information like:

    • Catalog Name

    • Vertical

    • Organizations

    • Default Currency

    • Pixel

    • Sync frequency

    • Time and Time Zone for the syncs

  3. Make Adjustments in the Feed Mapper

  4. Finish.

Creating and Connecting Templates to a DPA Catalog

If you want to add cutomized creatives to your DPA Catalog you should enter your catalog and connect a template in the Templates section.

It is possible to assign multiple templates to a single DPA catalog.

The template can be created from scratch or you can select an existing one (either static, DPA, or Automated).

Even though this is a DPA catalog, you can use any kind of template.

Static template will just become a DPA template once you connect it to your DPA catalog.

DPA and Automated templates are already connected to another catalog, so your own instance of template will be created, and the dynamic layers that were connected with the previous catalog will be approximated.


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