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If you need some custom shapes or just want more freedom during your creative process, we made this tool with you in mind.

This tool enables you to add vector shapes such as Rectangle, Ellipse, or Polygon. Also you can create your own custom vector shapes using our brand new Pen tool.

To start click the' Shape tool' group icon from the left toolbar in the Hunch Creative Studio to bring up different shape tool options. Select a tool for the shape you want to draw. Click and drag on the canvas to draw a shape with your selected shape tool. This automatically creates a new shape layer in the ‘Layers’ panel. Also, you can hold the ‘Shift’ key while drawing to make your shapes proportional. With your shape layer selected, you can also use the 'Move tool' to move your shape around and reposition it on the canvas.

You can edit your shape properties directly using on-canvas controls or accessing the well-known ‘Transform’ under the ‘Properties’ panel. ‘Corner radius’ allows you to round edges on all corners, or if the shape in question you can choose to round it on any corner you want.

If you have drawn a triangle(polygon tool) and think a shape would be better with more or fewer edges, change the number of angles.

In this group you can also find line, pen, and pencil tools which give you the option to create custom shapes. Lines can have two kinds of anchor points: corner points and smooth points. To create straight lines with the pen tool, click and release to create an anchor point. Continue clicking and releasing in different areas to create more points. To draw a curve, drag to make a point rather than click. Dragging creates direction lines that let you control the path's curve as you drag.

After you connected the dots, check fill if you want to change the color and also add a border if you need a stroke on your shape.

Hope this short article helps you turn your ideas into pixel perfect creatives!

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