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This article is based on article Automated Catalogs. If you haven't read that, we recommend you to do so.

So once you have created your Automated Catalog, you can create templates, and you can go to manage page and start creating your campaign. This process is the same for both Meta or Snapchat automated campaigns.

The first part, the Campaign creation is the same as for the standard Campaign.

The second, the AdSet is where start the automation process.

Under the Ad Set Name, you can click on +Use dynamic adset.

This will open new fields that will enable you to use your field values in AdSet creation. Also this will Ad Set will now act as a Master AdSet.

Master Adset means that changing something in this AdSet will make changes to all the Adsets created through this Master AdSet.

Under Automated Ads, you will need to choose which filter set you want to use, and the feed category you plan on using. For our example, we chose stores in Belgrade(Beograd), and we want to split our ads by the Addresses. That will in start create 2 different Ad Sets for two stores, we have in our feed.

After that we will jump to Targeting section, where we will use our columns Coordinate_Include_Radius and Coordinate_Exclude_Radius, so we could create targeting location "rings".

One will include the 2km radius, and the other one will include the ring from 2km to 4km from the store.

If you use both Include and Exclude for coordinates, make sure to change the last digits of Coordinates, since Meta doesn't support two Coordinate locations on the same spot.

As you can see now we have four Ad Sets now, since we have four different audiences, based on location.

After you set up the rest of your AdSet, manually, you can move to Ad level which you can fill like you would fill an ordinary Ad.

Here are some more information that can be useful.

Fields in which you can use Feed values.

  • Audiences

  • Location

  • Budget

  • Start/End date

  • Active AdSet status

  • Age

  • Detailed Targeting

The limit of Ad you can create depends on your Ad Account spend, for most Users its around 250 Ads per campaign. The limit of Hunch is 500 ads per one Automated Campaign.

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