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Google analytics 4
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As of the 1st of July, Universal Analytics will not be supported by Google any more.
Data will stop being collected on it. However, data from Universal analytics should be accessible from it. This means Hunch will be able to read the data, but that data will gradually become stale and not show the actual image. I have included the link for reference.

Hunch supports Google Analytics 4 (GA4 for short) in the following segments of the platform:

  • Authorisations and accounts

    • You can authorise your Google Analytics profile as before; now, it will recognise GA4 views.

    • You can connect GA4 views to existing and new accounts.

  • Campaigns and Manage

    • Now from the dropdown for the attributes, you can pick any events you want to be shown in the overview of your campaigns.

  • Automated Catalogs

    • Filters for automated Catalogs can now access GA4 events that will help you pick the items you want to showcase based on them.

      Filter creation wizard showing GA4 events

Note that after connecting GA4, if you want to have the same Automated campaigns that used Universal Analytics for filter sets, you must create new Filters with GA4 events. You will need to use them in new or existing campaigns, but either way, that will start a new learning process for the campaigns.

If any problem comes your way we are prepared to solve it as soon as possible.

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