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Insert Ad to Meta native campaigns
Insert Ad to Meta native campaigns

Connect your existing campaigns from Meta and enrich them with Hunch templates.

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At this moment, this feature is supported only for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

Ad insertion enables you to connect your existing Meta campaigns and enrich them with new ads that are created on Hunch. At this moment, this feature is supported only for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

When should I use this?

First, there is an official limitation that says there can be only up to 8 Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns running at the same time in one country from one Ad Account. Generally, it is a good idea to have as little ASC campaigns as possible, ideally 1.

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns perform the best if they have a lot of creative that keep going for a long time. Doing an ad insertion will restart your learning, and it will take a bit more time than usual to get back on track than for normal campaigns, so make the change count and be patient.

Also, you should keep in mind that the new ads will compete with the old ones, so don't make worse creatives than you already have - the prices should be at least as prominent, the template should be as nicely designed, etc.

The recommendation is to see what your most successful ads are and enrich them inside Hunch.

How do I use this?

This option will be available in edit mode for all native Meta campaigns, or you can just use the Insert Ad button on the Manage page.

First, check if your Advantage+ Shopping Campaign is synced with Hunch. If the campaign was created less than 12 hours ago, it might not be visible in Hunch table yet. You can always manually initiate the sync like this:

Once you click the Insert Ad button, a modal will offer you to choose an existing campaign to connect to.

You will enter the edit mode, where only Hunch ads will be editable, while the native ads will not.

If you want to insert more than one Hunch ad, you can do it from the standard menu on the campaign level:

You will recognise Meta campaigns with inserted Hunch ads with help of this icon:

How does this reflect on my spendings?

Any spend that is made on Hunch ads will be counted in your Hunch spend. In this case, the campaign itself is still a Meta campaign, and the other ads are just a part of your Total spend, not Hunch spend.

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