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Background removal & AI panel
Background removal & AI panel
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To have templates with product images with no background or have colors from the product images, open AI panel in studio.
*Background removal and AI panel is only available for eCommerce catalogs.

In the AI panel there are 3 sections.

  1. Background removal section

  2. Dynamic color section

  3. Product orientation section

Background removal:

To place a product image on the canvas you can do it in two ways.
By clicking

+Add product image layer and that will place it on a canvas.

The other way is selecting an image_link layer and clicking on Remove background.

Dynamic color section:

By selecting a text or shape layer you can click on apply color to layer and that will set the dynamic color of the text or shape.
*For text its text color by default, and for shapes its fill color. For textbox color you have to set it through properties.

Product orientation section

After removing the background Hunch detects the product orientation which can help you design custom templates whilst having the best position for each product.

In the first part you can see the first product we have discovered in feed and by clicking on it, studio will show you that product and you can continue editing for that orientation.

Under that you can find Duplicate layer for each orientation button.
By selecting a layer and clicking this button, Hunch will create three copies of the layer and assign them conditions for specific orientation (Square, Portrait, Landscape).

What you can do now is for example jump to a Portrait product, and rearrange all the layers to make the products that have portrait orientation pop!
You should repeat and do the same for all the other orientations.

By clicking save, your next catalog sync will take a bit longer since it is also removing the background on all the products.

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