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Multi Variant template
Multi Variant template
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If you need to get a lot of creatives ready for your next creative textings with different CTAs this is the Hunch Studio mode for you.
It will let you design a template, and then let you insert different variants for layers, and it will export everything at once.

Here you can click on a create multi variant template.

After that it will open studio as usual and after designing your template you can add variants to image,video and text layers.

By clicking +Variants button it will open a new sidebar where you can upload more files or add more text variants.

*For images we support bulk upload, for video it will soon be supported

By adding +Variants, that layer becomes "dynamic" and by having multiple variant layers Hunch will combine all the possibilities and it will generate in the above case 12 different images during export.

To get all these creatives you just need to click on Save & Export button in the bottom corner. It will prompt a new pop up in which you just need to fill in the name of the export.

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