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Standard campaigns: differences between old and new (ODAX) objectives
Standard campaigns: differences between old and new (ODAX) objectives

What are the differences and how to switch from one to another?

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This is an article about the differences in the objectives from the perspective of Standard campaigns. If you want to learn about the difference between old and new Automated campaigns, read this article.

What are the new objectives?

As of the year 2023, Meta introduced new campaign objectives that are more focused on the purpose of each campaign. The name you will often see is ODAX (Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences), which actually describes them quite correctly.

The new campaigns are tailored to cater the end goal of your campaign rather than the actions to be taken.

So, for example, one of the old objectives was called Conversions and expected that a campaign will lead to a conversion somewhere. But, when selecting a new objective, you should ask yourself what will this conversion bring you as the end goal, and choose one of the new objectives: Sales, Leads, or Engagement.

This approach proved to bring a more successful ad delivery and is generally highly praised and recommended by Meta.

Source: Meta

How does this work on Meta Ads Manager?

New campaigns: As of the Q4 2023, Meta offers the new objectives for campaign creation only. There is no way for a user to create a campaign using old objective via Ads Manager.

Old campaigns: The old campaigns are still running, but any kind of editing will not be supported anymore starting Q1 2024. Their delivery is also announced to stop completely in the second half of 2024.

How does this work in Hunch?

New campaigns: Hunch currently supports Sales (with and without Advantage+ setup), Traffic, Leads, and Awareness objectives. App Promotion objective is soon to come, and Engagement is left out for the time being, as it currently doesn't bring much value to our use cases.

The new objectives are supported with our completely new system, including faster and more comfortable interface.

Old campaigns: For campaign creation, Hunch offers only the new objectives. The exception to this is the App Installs objective, that will be turned off as soon as the Meta API support stops, which is 6th February 2024.

Nevertheless, all currently running campaigns with the old objectives will keep running and will be editable for some time.

Should I use the new objectives then? What to do with the old campaigns?

It is our strongest recommendation for all users to phase out the old campaigns in the following weeks and create new campaigns with new objectives as a replacement.

Meta will stop the delivery of all old campaigns later during this year, so switching them is inevitable and it's better to do it earlier on your own pace.

I already have some ODAX campaigns that I published on Meta directly

If those campaigns use catalogs, we strongly recommend publishing them through Hunch with a more appealing creative.

Having DPAs without a good template is a lost opportunity, especially if you're already a Hunch user. Get some ideas here.

If you don't know where to start, our CS and design team will be more than happy to help.

TLDR: What is going on?

Your old campaigns that use the old objectives will stop delivering during the year of 2024, since Meta is dropping the support for their delivery.

To keep your campaigns running, use the following weeks to turn off your ongoing campaigns running on old objectives, and create the new ones with the new objectives as a replacement.

Use this guide to help you with the standard campaigns.

If you need more info on automated campaigns, read this article.

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