Facebook Hotel Ads

Quick overview of the recently rolled out support for Hotel Ads


We are proud to announce that we've released the support for Facebook Hotel Ads within Hunch, empowering Hotel advertisers to create relevant dynamic campaigns and unique solutions that help connect Hotel businesses with the travelers they want to reach. This solution, customized for Hotel advertisers, enables you to set up and present offers and also serve up ads with real-time availability and pricing to potential customers.

With this recent release Hunch completed the support for Facebook Travel Ads and specific niches such as Destinations, Flights and now Hotels. This allows Travel advertisers to utilize unique dynamic creative features that Hunch offers along with the industry specific campaign models.

What do I need to do in order to start using Facebook Hotel Ads?

There are a couple of things that you need to prepare from a technical standpoint before you start using Hotel Ads. Specifically, you will need to create a Hotel catalog (which will be connected to your feed) and implement Hotel specific pixel events via FB pixel, more details on that below.

Hotel Catalog and Feed

A hotel feed is a file with your hotel inventory. Every line or item in the file represents a single hotel. You can use one or more hotel feeds, as long as all feeds together contain your full hotel inventory. More details on how a hotel feed should be structured please find on the below link.


Once you have sorted out your feed next step would be to create a Hotel catalog in Hunch, please find below a step by step guide on creating a Hotel specific catalog in Hunch. 

Step 1 - Navigate to the Library section of the UI, click "Create".


Step 2 - Click on the Vertical drop down menu and select "Hotels", fill out the rest of the data same way as with any regular DPA catalog (https://help.hunchads.com/how-to-create-a-dpa-catalog).

Hotel Ads Pixel Events

Before you start creating new campaigns promoting your Hotel business you will need to make sure that your FB pixel has the right events implemented. That said, a properly functioning FB pixel optimized for Hotel Ads should contain the following events across key pages on your site and app:

  • Search: Add this event to all of your site or app's search results pages
  • ViewContent: Add this event to all of your hotel pages (e.g. hotel details page)
  • InitiateCheckout: Add this event to the checkout page on your site or app (where people begin entering their personal/payment information). Don't add this to the payment confirmation page.
  • Purchase: Add this event to the purchase confirmation or thank you page a customer sees after completing their transaction.

For a more comprehensive and detailed explanation on how to implement the mentioned pixel events please see below link.