How to Create DPA Catalogs

According to Facebook standards, define and set up your DPA Catalog by synchronizing data from your own product feed.

In order to set up your very first DPA Catalog, just click on the Library icon within your Hunch Account. After that, click on Catalogs

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 1.16.49 PM

This gives you the opportunity to import any DPA Catalogs directly from the existing catalogs you have on Facebook. 

While this is something you may want to do initially, we would recommend you set up a new Catalog by using the Hunch platform. The result is you will be able to create a far more effective campaign strategy.

General, Product Sets, and Templates 

DPA Catalogs include going through a few General parameters. When you click on General, you will be able to optimize the catalog and use information to carry out the following: choose Vertical, select Facebook Business, create Catalog name, assign Pixels, and so on. 

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Data Source Synchronization and Product Feed   

The next step is to enter the Data Source URL and Product Feed URL. This generates all of the products from your Product Catalog Feed (i.e. the entire inventory from your e-commerce store) and incorporates them into the Hunch platform instantly.  

Set Frequency Time for Catalog Feed 

The essential benefit of Hunch is automating things as much as possible. You can firmly rely on Hunch to synchronize any changes made you the existing Product Catalog Feed on your website.

Just click on Frequency and Time and determine how often you want the feed to be refreshed with the latest data. 

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When the Product Catalog Feed is refreshed, all of your Facebook ads are updated based on the new info. 

Make sure to go through the displayed data synchronization below, so you can easily spot any errors and such. This is crucial because you noticed if you are missing components such as description or similar issues. If all is well, you can kick off with the current number of products from your feed. 

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