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How to create a Dynamic Product Slideshow in Hunch

The Slideshow feature is a unique mode in the Video Studio. A video ad format that showcases multiple products by animating them one by one, along with their dynamic elements where data is coming in from the feed.

To create a Dynamic Slideshow, follow the steps below:

Open your selected AA catalog > Templates > Video, then Select your format to start from the beginning, or use one of your available templates below :


Single item
enables you to animate and showcase a single product per visual. To create a slideshow video showcasing multiple products, select the Multi item option from the prompt.

Slideshow mode
allows you to create automated slideshow videos with ease. Alternatively, use the Custom mode option to freely animate your video. Confirm the selected option to start creating.

Select the filter you want to group your products by, and the number of products your video should contain. 

Upload your .psd file, use one of our pre-made templates, or use the bar on the left to add individual elements to create your unique design.

Select the static elements from the layouts panel (product name, price, product image, etc) and replace them with dynamic elements.

How to replace static with dynamic elements

With the dynamic elements in place, open the Slideshow panel to add animations for each element. Different elements can have different animations.

Once your creative is ready, Confirm your Layout, and Play your slideshow preview. 

Name and Save your Template to use in your Automated Ads campaign, or Export locally if needed.