How to duplicate templates?

Step by step guide on duplicating templates between different accounts and product catalogs


With the constantly growing number of Accounts and Catalogs that platform users are utilizing it became apparent that we need a seamless feature that will allow you to duplicate templates between different Accounts and Product Catalogs (both Automated and DPA). That said, our team recently released a feature that allows you to do exactly that and this article should serve as a knowledge resource if you ever need to duplicate a template.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Library section of the UI, select the Catalog that you are going to be using and click on Templates > Create New Image Template. Once you've clicked on the Create button the UI will offer offer you the option to start from scratch or use an existing template, for duplication purposes you are going to select "Use existing". 

template guide 1

Step 2:

When you select "Use existing" a couple of options appear, these allow you to select the Account from which you want to duplicate the template but also the type of catalog (DPA or Automated). Please note that with each filter applied the platform will show you only templates that were created under that account or catalog. Also, if you have a lot of different templates under a specific Account or type of Catalog you can use the Search bar to locate it. When you've selected all the required parameters and the template you want to duplicate, click on the "OK" button which will take you to Hunch Studio where you can save and/or edit the template. 

Template guide 2

Important Notes:

  • Creative Format - Please note that when duplicating templates from a different catalog/account you can only duplicate the same creative format, e.g. image to image or video to video, and only once the creative asset is duplicated to the desired catalog you can duplicate it again in order to change the format. 
  • DPA vs Automated - You can duplicate a template from a DPA catalog to an Automated one however when you open the template in Hunch Studio you might need to change some of the dynamic parameters in order to have it displayed properly (due to the differences in the Product Feed structure).