Background Removal tool within Hunch Studio

Utilize our background removal tool and create more impactful visuals for your DPA and AA catalogs.


Given the various colors, sizes and layouts of images that can be contained in product catalogs our team has created a background removal solution within Hunch Studio which allows you to remove solid colors from your product images. That said, its important to highlight that the tool works best with high resolution images that have a clear difference between the product and the solid color background. In this article we are going to talk more about what to do in those specific cases.

How can I access and use the background removal tool?

Navigate to your specific DPA or AA catalog, open the templates section and click on an existing template (or alternatively if you are creating a completely new template, click on "Create New Image Template"). Once you've opened the desired template and Hunch Studio has loaded, add the product image layer as seen in the below screenshot.

As you might have already noticed the product image contains a white background which we would like to remove. In order to do that you would have to click on the specific layer (on the right hand side of Hunch Studio) and then click on "Properties". Within that section  you will notice a checkbox called "remove background", click on it and observe what happens (screenshot below).

We can see that the tool has removed most of the white background, however there's still a white area in the inner part of the product which still needs to be removed, you would do this by clicking on the "Inner" setting next to the "remove background" checkbox. Please note that the "Inner" setting removes both the outer and the inner backgrounds on product images. 

We now have a perfect template without the white background. That said, as product images vary in sizes and shapes you might have to do some modifications and basically repeat the process for items that don't have their backgrounds removed properly. You can do this by adding a new image layer and selecting the intensity of the tool using the percentage bar seen in the screenshots.