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Hunch Campaign Rules and Alerts

Create Strategies from Alerts and Rules that trigger on particular events to keep your Campaigns, AdSets, and Ads in check!

Overview of the Automate options

This section of the platform enables you to create Strategies that include Alerts and Rules you set up to trigger on particular events. Automated rules can keep your Campaigns, AdSets, and Ads in check. They can also take the necessary actions for you or simply notify you. You can select each Strategy and turn it off or on with all Alerts and Rules in it.



Strategies are defined sets of rules and alerts which allow you to have smart control of your campaigns. Most successful strategies come together as logical sets, they are revolving around a single goal and they can be cloned across accounts. To create one, click the New Strategy button on the right hand side and enter the name for it. When done you will get the option to create an automation type (Rule or Alert) select entities on which it is applied and define the condition - or a set of conditions - that trigger the automation.


The notification system triggers on certain metrics and sends an email or slack notification. 


The example above triggers when both Impressions reach 100 and Clicks reach one, in one day, and sends an email notification to the denoted address.


Rules are triggered on a certain metric and are used to update selected parameters in a campaign. 


The example above triggers if the time goes beyond 1AM on Sunday or Saturday and increases the budget by 10%.

In other words, each Sunday and Saturday at 1AM the budget gets a 10% boost.


Strategies sample view:

In this sample screenshot you will find several examples of such strategy sets.


If you have any questions or would like to have a look at what Automation Strategies might benefit your account in the most effective way, feel free to reach out to cshunch@hunchads.com 

Happy Automating!