Hunch Creative Review

Meet the new feature in the Hunch Creative Studio - Review tool, that gives quick access to all designed items and lets you mark the ones that need change.

The Creative review tool will help you preview your templates across all products in a catalogue without entering the studio.

With this tool, you can also mark items for review so your designer can easily access individual items which need to be updated.

The Creative review tool lets you generate external previews that can be shared with users outside of the platform.

You can access review tool from templates by opening template menu and clicking 'review' Generate preview

Once you generate a preview you can create a sharing link for the other users, on or outside of the platform.


You can mark items that need to be reviewed for design, layout, or other issues. 

Mark items for review by clicking exclamation mark

Items marked for review are visible in the catalog, and you can review them or adjust easily in the studio. reviewed items