Hunch Customizable Feed Extender

How to extend your feed with additional columns, or update it on the fly

We have a more techy solution for you to Extend your feed as needed, using a simple GoogleSheets setup.

Creating a Feed Extender 

The procedure consists of a couple of steps:

  • Create an extender table
  • Create a tab for the extended columns
  • Create a tab for the account setup
  • Connect your new feed to Hunch 


Create an extender table

In Google Sheets, create a new table with an appropriate name.

Create a tab for the extended columns

Name the sheet anything you like, for example Feed Extender. The sheet must contain one key column by which it will be related to the original feed. Usually that is the id field. Subsequently, add the columns that will hold the data, enumerated from custom_label_0 to custom_label_4.


You can paste in the IDs of the products, along with the additional data.


When done, you need to publish the sheet and note the URL temporarily:


Open the File menu and select the Publish to the web item:

You will be presented with a couple of options where you’d need to select the sheet where your extended columns reside, and the Comma-separated values filetype.


Note the published URL as you’ll need to input it in the Account tab.

Create a tab for the account setup

The sheet where you will input your account info should contain the following fields:

  • Account
  • Input a name for this account (you can have multiple ones in multiple rows below)
  • Active
  • Should contain “YES” by default
  • Country
  • Input the country where the AdAccount is from
  • Site
  • Paste the full URL of the site including the protocol, e.g.
  • FB Ad Account
  • Copy/paste the exact name of your Ad Account in Facebook
  • Actions
  • If this extender contains products from a sale or a promotion, type in its name here
  • Feed
  • Paste the URL of the original feed you need to have extended 
  • Feed Config
  • Place the shared link of the tab where you placed the extending columns here
  • Feed Config CSV
  • Paste the URL of the original feed you need to have extended (the one you got at the end of the previous step) 
  • Hunch Feed
  • Place the following formula in this field which will create a final link to your new extended feed: 



Connect your new feed to Hunch 

Note that any amendments to GoogleSheet items may need up to an hour to synchronize on their respective servers.

When done setting up the extender and filling it up with data, place the link in the Data source URL field in your Library section, in the feed you are working on:


At this point, you can input any emails where you wish to receive notifications on feed sync statuses in the Notifications emails field.

Lastly hit the Fetch now to start the syncing process. Check out the How to Synchronize your feed in Hunch article for more details on the Sync procedure. 

When you see a green checkmark denoting a successful sync, you can go to your Product Sets and create the new ones you need.