A place for your design team to work with creative assets and collaborate on different static Image and Video creatives.

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Templates you created can be assigned to specific catalogs, and have dynamic elements added before being used in campaign creation.

Within the Library, you can access your Designs, upload Brand Assets like logo, fonts, colors, etc, upload static elements and access your Automated Catalog exports.

My Designs

A space for creating and keeping your Image and Video templates. You can create new, edit existing, search for a specific template, or filter between All, Unassigned and Assigned to a Catalog.

Each unassigned template can be Renamed, Duplicated and Deleted, and Image templates can also be Made into a Video.

Note: Only unassigned templates can be copied, turned into a video or deleted from the Library!

Brand Kit

Brand kit is a place to upload your brand elements and access them with ease from within the studio:

  • Logo (.png or .jpg)

  • Colors (select from a palette, or input the HEX code)

  • Fonts (select a default font, or upload additional fonts, if needed)

You can upload as many additional fonts as needed. Hunch supports Regular, Bold, Italic and BoldItalic variations. If you make your font Globally available, it will be accessible across all your accounts.


Uploads section stores additional static elements from your visual guidelines that would be used in the creative process (backgrounds, brand-specific elements, promotional banners, etc).

You can upload your assets (in .jpg/.png formats only) by clicking on the +Upload button at the top right of your screen. Selected assets can also be downloaded or deleted, or grouped in logical folders for better organization.


Exports section keeps all visuals exported from the Automated Ads Catalogs. Creatives can be exported to the Library in bulk, where you can select and download locally.

Here is step-by-step explanation How to Export, Review and Download your Creatives.

In case of multiple accounts (teams) within your Hunch app, each team will have a separate Library. However, assets can still be shared between accounts, if necessary.

Once you have your Library all set up, you are ready to Create a New Image Template.

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