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New Facebook Authorization

In order for Hunch to integrate with your Facebook Ads Manager, account Authorization is a mandatory first step!

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Person authorizing this connection must have the necessary admin-level permissions for Business, Ad Account, Page(s) and appropriate website Pixel!

To enable the authorization, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Authorizations tab

  3. Click on Authorize in the Facebook box

    1. You will be redirected to Facebook to sign in

Once you have successfully connected your Facebook account, your name and email will show in Hunch, along with options to edit, synchronize and remove the existing connection.

Next, you will need to select the Facebook Business(es) you would like to connect with Hunch! Click on the edit (pencil) icon, then select one or more Businesses to connect.

You can also choose to include entities linked with your personal Facebook account by toggling on Personal entities

Note: those entities will be made visible to all Hunch admins, and all users that have been specifically granted access to those entities!

Once the Business has been selected, click on save, before proceeding onto creating individual Hunch accounts. 

You will find more information about user roles and permissions in our Team Member Access article.

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