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Multi-Item templates
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If you want to show more items per one ad template, the Multi-Item feature has you covered.

Connecting any existing template to a catalog or creating a brand new one will prompt a pop-up window that lets you choose between Multi-item or Single item.

Note this feature is only available for Automated Catalogs.

For this example, we need you to pick a Multi-item mode.

The next step is to create your groups of products. Make sure to distinguish this from filter sets that can be created from Catalog. Grouping in terms of Multi-item means separating your items into brackets based on the same values they share in specific columns of your feed.

Another thing you pick here is the number of items a group has to have. Note that any selection that has less than this number will not be shown.

Aside from grouping your products, you can select certain products to be used by creating a filter.

Once you have defined your ideal groups, you can start designing. On the Image or Video tab, you can pick dynamic elements. Just take care to select different elements when picking them. You can see the difference by previewing and seeing their name has a certain index next to it.

Those are general capabilities for the Multi-Item canvas, but unique options exist for creating a video template using our Slideshow mode. You can check it out here.

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