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If you want to make sure the design you requested is spot on with your summary and how you envisioned it then you can leave comments on the design from Hunch.

By going to Design Requests, you can access the template created for you.

From there, you can hit the comment icon in the top left segment of the studio and click anywhere on the template.

When you click on the template, a little black dot will be left for you as a pin, and a textbox will open from the side.

Here you can leave the text of your comment, and other Users can reply to it.

Once you have given your feedback on the design, you can send a notification to the dedicated designer by clicking the Send Feedback button.

When the designer does what you asked, he will send you an email notification to come back and look at the reworked design.

When you are satisfied with the changes based on your comment, you can hide them from the visible ones by clicking the resolve comment button.

Please note that if the template is not Approved, no changes you make to the design will be saved.

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