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How to write an effective brief for your Design Requests
How to write an effective brief for your Design Requests
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In order to properly brief your design team when ordering a design request, make sure to provide the following information.

Brief Overview

  1. Be specific about what you want
    Is this a completely new design or a repurpose of an existing campaign? What is the goal of the project and who is the target audience? Provide as much information as possible, including colors, fonts, imagery, and any other relevant elements.

  2. Provide context
    Explain the purpose of the design, the target audience, and any relevant campaign details.

  3. Include examples
    If you have examples of designs you like or want to emulate, include them in the brief.

  4. Be clear about the data
    If you're requesting a dynamic template that pulls data from a feed or catalog, be sure to provide clear instructions on how to access that data and what fields to use.

  5. Set expectations
    If there are any specific requirements or constraints that the design must meet (such as a specific file format or size), be sure to mention them in the brief.

Design Assets

Are there any mandatory design assets that need to be included in the project, such as logos, images, headlines, or call-to-action, etc.? Please provide any kind of relevant files or guidelines.

Notes and Additional Information

Do you have any additional notes or specific requirements for the design project? Any preferred colour schemes, fonts, or styles that need to be incorporated?

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