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This article is here to help you create Filters for your Automated Catalogs, as well an introduction in what they are used for.

Filters are groups similar to Product Sets in DPA Catalogs, but they serve an additional purpose. Aside from launching Automated campaigns based on the Filters, you can request Export for a Filter from Studio.

You can create a Filters from your Automated Catalog under the Filter section.

In order to open the wizard you need to click on +Create Filter button.

The first section is the same as creation of Product set in DPA catalogs.

The second one is specific. From there you can chose by what you want to sort the items.

You can also use Google Analytics metrics for sorting.

Another thing you might notices is the max number of items. This is there since, in Automated Catalogs, in most cases, each item is one ad. So that limit there is to limit you to the max number of items that you can launch in the same Campaign.

When you save the filter, save the catalog as well so the changes can be synced.

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