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Standard Campaigns
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To create a new Standard campaign, while you're on the Manage page click on the Create Campaign button, at the top right corner of your screen. If you want to create a Snapchat campaign, than you can read this article.

Each campaign can be set up on 4 levels:

  • General Setup

  • Campaign Setup

  • Ad Set Configuration

  • Ad Configuration

General Setup

Campaign creation process starts with the general setup where you need to select the:

  • Type of Campaign (Standard or Automated)

  • Ad Account

  • Campaign Objective and

  • A Catalog (if required by the objective).

  • Special Category Ads if needed for your campaign. Read this article for more information

For improved navigation and visibility into the creation process, complete campaign structure setup is shown on the left side of your screen, with check marks indicating if all required fields are filled out.

Once the general setup has been completed, you can proceed to the Campaign Level setup by clicking on Continue!

Campaign Setup

Within the Campaign level setup, you will need to select the Profile, for Meta and Instagram. Also if you have previously filled default values in Account setup, than most of this page will already be filled. 

However if you want to add some dynamic information, based on Catalog name, or something similar, than you can start typing "#" and that open a dropdown of information you can choose.

Once your Campaign setup is ready, click on Continue to proceed to the Ad Set level setup.

Ad Set Configuration

Budget and Scheduling

  • Budget amount can be set as maximum Daily or Lifetime.

  • Schedule the Start Date and Time, and End Date and Time. For Daily option, End Date is optional and can be turned on/off as needed.


Bidding strategy enables you to set the Goal your Ad Set will optimize the spend towards (Conversion events/ Link clicks/ Impressions/ Value), and the Billing Event, Event Type and Conversion Windows, which will attribute a sale on your website based on your ads..


  • Choose Placements

    • Automatic - on all sizes and all position on meta

    • Manual for where you select on which specific places you want your ad to be shown.


Targeting allows you to select specific Demographic and Behavioural data like:

  • Audience type

  • Locations

  • Custom or Predefined audiences

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Detailed Targeting

After completing the Ad Set level setup, you can proceed to Ad level configuration.

Ad Configuration

Ad level configuration enables individual ad setup.

  • Ad name can be populated using static or dynamic information and in case of multiple Ads, each Ad can be assigned to a different Ad Set, as necessary.

Finally, click on the format thumbnail to select the appropriate Ad Format, select your Template and CTA, and input the headline information your Ad will communicate.

Ad samples with different product variations can be previewed on the right side.

Additional Ads and Ad Sets can be added, duplicated or deleted, if necessary.

Your campaign details (Ad account, Objective, Catalog, etc.) can be found on the slider, at the very right side of your screen. Simply click on the arrow mark to open it.

Well done! Your Campaign is now ready to be Published!

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